Friday, February 20, 2015

Ladies Night at The Palace

Are you stressed? Are frigid temperatures and snow making you miserable?

According to a UCLA study, a ladies night can help you beat stress and the winter blues!

Women’s bodies release a hormone called oxytocin to counteract the stress women feel. UCLA scientists claim that spending time with other women helps to increase your oxytocin production.

So, a ladies’ night with your closest girlfriends is about more just than catching up and drinking a glass or two of wine—a ladies’ night can improve your overall health!

By helping you to combat stress, a ladies’ night benefits both you and your family.

With an extra boost of oxytocin flowing through your body, the UCLA study asserts, you will feel a greater need to care for your children and your family.

*Taking time out for yourself doesn’t make you selfish; in fact, it makes you a more caring mother and wife!*
Ladies night makes you healthier and happier!

As the Mayo Clinic tells us, laughter is also a great stress reliever and mood lifter. Laughter gives our bodies an abundance of benefits: laughter lowers blood pressure, relieves muscle tension, releases healthy neuropeptides that may help supercharge our immune systems, and more.

Attending a comedy show with your girlfriends at The Palace like Colleens of Comedy or even enjoying the iconic and mood-lifting music of ARRIVAL-The Music of ABBA will make you laugh and make you healthy. 

So, what is this science telling us? A ladies’ night filled with laughs—and perhaps some heart-healthy red wine—should not be an infrequent occasion in your calendar.

Make ladies’ night a nonnegotiable part of your schedule!

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