Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Arts Education at The Palace – An Essential Component of Our Mission

2014 Young Playwrights Festival participants thank Sheryl Battles (center) from Pitney Bowes for making the program possible

At The Palace Theatre, we believe in the thrill and the power of the performing arts to change lives, whether on the stage or in the audience.

Because of massive funding cuts in public schools, many children and teens are missing out on chances to develop their own creative expression. Arts education has been proven to contribute to academic and life success. Students learn confidence, problem solving, teamwork, perseverance and focus.

The Palace invests in nurturing a community of aspiring young performers and the next generation of engaged adults.  When young students walk through our doors they are experiencing theatre history. They are following in the footsteps of generations before them and creating their own artistic legacy.

           Dancers perform in 2014's Young Choreographers Festival

Scholarships & Free School Trips

While not all of these programs are free, our goal is to keep admission fees very low and, most critical for our mission, offer deep scholarships to students who would not otherwise be able to participate. Families and friends are provided with free tickets to every student performance.

For five years we have awarded an Emerging Young Artist Scholarship in a specific field of study, to ensure underprivileged kids with chances to succeed. The 6th annual award in 2015 will be given to students who are learning playwriting.

Throughout the year, we provide children from low-income families the chance to attend world-class entertainment on our stage through organized school trips. Very often it is the first live show they’ve ever seen. In 2015, we estimate attendance to be 4,500 school kids at The Palace.

Help us continue to make and develop young aspiring performers in our community.

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