Monday, December 7, 2015

Palace Board Member Sheryl Battles Honored at the 2016 Brava Awards!

Let our voices rise in Brava for 11 outstanding women being honored by the YWCA. In a night to be remembered, our very own Sheryl Battles will be recognized for her outstanding leadership, drive and commitment to not only her peers but the community. For representing the core values of the YWCA, Mrs. Battles and ten other women, will be honored for all they have accomplished, and for the impact they have had upon all who they have touched. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Celebrate 100 Years of Frank Sinatra with John Pizzarelli at The Palace THIS Friday!

THIS Friday, December 4, 2015 at 8:00 pm, the voice of a generation will be awaken from its slumber in the vocal cadences of John Pizzarelli as he celebrates the life and musical legacy of Frank Sinatra. Having the opportunity to open for one of the legendary singer's last tours, Frank Sinatra would leave a lasting impression upon John in five simple words, "Eat something, you look terrible". The rest is, as they say, history.

Gracing the stage of The Palace Theatre in beautiful downtown Stamford, CT. John Pizzarelli will be delighting all with not only the renditions of "Ol Blue Eyes" but of some Christmas classics as well. Having been interviewed by the Daily Voice and the Ct Post  it is of note that stylistically he differs from his counterpart, but still knows how to make every note his own.

Pizzarelli featured in Sunday's edition of The Advocate

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Stamford is excited about Mark Twain Tonight!

Stamford is eagerly awaiting the return of the legendary Hal Holbrook in his Tony Award winning production of Mark Twain Tonight! 40 years after his first visit.

Want to learn more about what's in store before his performance Saturday, Sept. 26 at 8:00 pm?  Here are some great articles covering why this show is a MUST SEE!

The Palace Blog - Mark Twain is BACK and Better Than Ever!
CT Post - Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain at Stamford Palace Theatre
Stamford Daily Voice - Stamford's Palace Hosting Actor Hal Holbrook in Trademark 'Twain' Role

Look for this week's edition of "Pulse" in Stamford Advocate for an article about Hal Holbrook!

See a teaser for Mark Twain Tonight!

So, what are you waiting for?  Don't miss the opportunity to see Mark Twain come to life at The Palace!
Click Here
to buy your tickets!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Hal Holbrook's Mark Twain is BACK and Better Than Ever!

To kick off our Theatre Series, Hal Holbrook returns to The Palace in the role of his lifetime. On September 26, Holbrook joins us as Mark Twain in Hal Holbrook’s Mark Twain Tonight! 

Holbrook uses letters and journal entries from Twain’s life to give modern audiences an idea of the person behind the internationally adored books. The show is biting, funny, and makes the audience feel like Mark Twain is really standing there in front of them, talking about his life and his work.
Holbrook, a critically acclaimed actor for his work on the stage and on the screen, began this project in the early 1950s as a show where he played various people from history, interviewed by his wife Ruby. Twain quickly becoming a favorite of both Holbrook and the audience, the show morphed into a one man show with Twain. The show premiered in 1954, and he toured around various colleges and local theatres. He eventually was picked up by producers and brought the show to New York in 1966. He earned a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Play, and an Emmy Award in 1967 for the broadcasted version of the show.

Poster from Holbrook's original show
The show is still evolving even fifty years after its premiere. The original program from the 1959 Off-Broadway engagement included the note “While Mr. Twain’s selections will come from the list below, we have been unable to pin him down as to which of them he will do. He claims this would cripple his inspiration. However, he has generously conceded to a printed program for those who are in distress and wish to fan themselves.” This still appears on programs for the show.

Having given this performance at The Palace over 40 years ago, Holbrook is eager to return. Come and see the work of one man’s incredible career, in the role that started it all.

Holbrook's signature backstage at The Palace from his last visit.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Diary of a Triple Threat Performer - Part Two

We at The Palace Theatre could go on and on about the talented students that participate in our Arts-Education programs.  We thought it was about time you hear about the experience directly from the source.  Brandon Wolfe is an 18 year old student from Stamford who participated in our Triple Threat program for a second time.  It wasn't easy, but with hard work and endless talent, the group put on a spectacular show for parents and friends to see!  

This is Part Two of a two part journal chronicling his time in the Triple Threat program.  Thank you Brandon, for sharing your experience!

Campers "break the mold" and rehearse for the big day!

Thursday, July 23 - SANCTUARY

Today was probably the best day this week! We finally got to put everything together and see how the show was going to go, and my thoughts were: not too shabby! We got to hear almost everyone’s prepared songs, but our teacher put a little twist on it. After he listened to each person individually, he gave each of us a different exercise to help our acting. Mine was push-ups (keep in mind I am not that strong and instead of 16 bars I did 32). It helped a lot, but I was pooped for the rest of the day.

we finally put the body percussion together (WHICH I FINALLY GOT!!!). We added free styles and as I was volunteered by the others, (this happens a lot at Triple Threat) I remembered that I can’t dance but I could sing. I decided to sing “You Can’t Stop the Beat” since we were, in fact, making beats. It didn’t fit into the time frame so I decided to speed it up double time.

As some of you
may remember, I have an alternate name for that song: “You Can’t Stop to Breathe.” So, doing it twice as fast was interesting. By that day we had all came out of our shells, so the energy was up and we were all ready for tomorrow.

But the biggest problem 
had to focus on for the rest of the night was…what am I going to wear for the show?!

Friday, July 24 - ESTOOO!!!

So, today is the day of the show and by now we are all ready. That’s the great thing about intensive programs; by the end of the week, you learn so much that by Friday, it’s like you have been training for months (I hope this is how college is). We have grown together quite nicely and I’m really going to miss all of them.

The start of the day was basically just a recap and warm up so I’m not going to waste time going into that. I’m going to tell you about what you really want to hear about; the show.

For starters, the amount of energy and the lack of anxiety were impressive. I still don’t know why I, of all people, was not scared because I’m scared of everything. We messed up quite a few times but Luis (our main teacher) managed to cover it up and made it look like it was all on purpose. He presented us like he was teaching it right before their eyes.

One of my favorite solos that day was “Defying Gravity” (Wicked) when she performed it on Tuesday her exercise was to have everyone in the room laugh at her and discourage her because she was singing it to her classmates who were mean to her and she had to sing it like she was proving them wrong (which she did amazingly). This time, the audience had to discourage her (which they did rather well…) and we had to stand behind her as her as she represented us. I felt the most connection to her having because I have a similar story and decided instead of just standing behind her, we should encourage her. The rest of the kids joined in and you could hear the difference in how powerful her voice was she was asked why did that song her response told us of how bullied and how everyone doubted her and as she graduated middle school she finally overcame and let her confidence shine. If I ever see her again, I just hope she keeps that spirit because it took me until senior year of high school to get where she is now.

P.S . if you are wondering what ESTOOO meant  here’s the story. Valeria, our body percussion teacher, was Italian with a very thick accent and every time we did something right she would yell out ESTOO and now all of us also yell ESTOOO.


One of the best quotes from this program that I will keep forever is, “There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.”  This overall was a great experience and I’m glad I got to do it. I like this quote because I often held back in fear I might outshine someone or be too much but because of it I always ended up falling short. I have learned that my light, talent energy or whatever you want to call it is powerful and there is no use holding it back.

Thank you to all of our camp participants for their hard work and dedication year after year!  We look forward to the fantastic talent coming to next year's Triple Threat!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Diary of a Triple Threat Performer - Part One

We at The Palace Theatre could go on and on about the talented students that participate in our Arts-Education programs.  We thought it was about time you hear about the experience directly from the source.  Brandon Wolfe is an 18 year old student from Stamford who participated in our Triple Threat program for a second time.  It wasn't easy, but with hard work and endless talent, the group put on a spectacular show for parents and friends to see!  

This is Part One of a two part journal chronicling his time in the Triple Threat program.  Stay tuned for Part Two tomorrow!

Brandon Wolfe, seen in a yellow shirt, at Triple Threat week


The first day of Triple Threat was amazing. I must be honest, I had a little trouble keeping up in the body percussion class, but I’ll catch up. It was a lot different from when I did it two years ago. For starters, we did not split up by age group, but it gave us a chance to help the younger kids and meet even more people. These kids are very talented (they could probably give me a run for my money!), and I look forward to the rest of the week with them.

Tuesday, July 21 – TIME TO CRANK THIS UP

So, today was totally different from yesterday in many ways. We finally broke into groups, but not by age. Yesterday, we broke into groups while still together for a body percussion exercise. She gave us three different routines, and we split ourselves based on what routine we felt most comfortable with. Today, we took those groups and finally rotated between acting, singing and body percussion. 

I started off with acting and learned another poem, but mostly just got to learn about the people in my group better (my favorite part about small groups). Then, we went to body percussion practice. Remember how yesterday I said I would catch on to this body percussion thing?  I was wrong. We added on to the dance we did yesterday, and it took me over 30 minutes to learn a dance that took less than 30 seconds to do. (Imagine if I had to do a whole song).

Then we went to my favorite subject; singing. We got a chance to sing 16 bars which is around 30 seconds to a minute of a song we were supposed to prepare for Monday. I forgot my sheet music, but luckily the teacher knew the song (“Proud of your Boy” from
Aladdin). My favorite song sung by someone other than myself was “Naughty” from Matilda, sung by one of the most adorable little girls I’ve ever seen. She performed the song with the British accent like the soundtrack and could totally be “Matilda” on Broadway.

After lunch, we focused more on singing, but the bulk of the afternoon went to dance. We learned “Fame” which went great for the program but not so great for me. All the moves were super balletic and me who has not done ballet since I was 6 (don’t ask me why it was not my choice) was not ready. This dance is probably the second hardest dance I have ever done (right after “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from
Hairspray which should have been called “You Can’t Stop to Breathe!”). However, I refuse to let a little dance slow me down, so I have a lot of practicing to do if I’m going to catch up.

Wednesday, July 22 - WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO?!

As the days go by, this continues to get harder and harder. Those of you who are reading this may know about “hell week” (the week leading up to a performance where the director is scattered, everything is super busy and you stay really late 'til everything is done) and the stresses that go with it. Now, imagine a “hell week" where you not only have one week until the show, but the whole cast is brand new. As we get closer to the performance, the dances get harder, there is more to memorize and people become more distracted.  

So, today we started off with dancing and boy, was that something! We learned a new dance for a song (“96,000” from In the Heights) we had just learned that morning which is all still jumbled in my head. We finally put the final parts together for the body percussion, which I’m starting to get. 

After lunch, we went back to dance FOR THE NEXT 2 HOURS! It’s actually not hard to do two hours of dance, but when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed with a pain in your neck and a cold, it becomes a bit harder. We learned the rest of the dance to the song “Fame” from Fame which is so fast. The fact that I am 6’1" and I was 2 seconds from kicking someone in the face multiple times scares me. It was a very tough day today. 

Will Brandon make it through the week?
Tune in for Part Two tomorrow to find out!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Trevor Noah Comes to The Palace, July 10!


Don’t know the name? Well, come September, you will. His charm, wit, and lilting accent have already won the heart of Jon Stewart. Come July 10, he will win 1500 more hearts as he comes to The Palace Theatre for one final stand-up comedy show before his career (and his star power) changes for the rest of his life when he takes over The Daily Show on September 28. At 31 years old, he will be the youngest evening talk show host on air, and will start his late-night talk-show career at an earlier age than any other host currently on air.

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, during Apartheid, Trevor’s Black and Jewish South African Mother and White Swiss Father got married and had him illegally. Eventually forced to split, Noah grew up with his mother and grandmother. His mother remarried and had two more children. This stepfather, a Black South African, abused Trevor’s mother and eventually threatened to kill Trevor himself. The stepfather was eventually arrested and convicted. Trevor often uses his story as a platform to raise awareness for domestic violence. 

Trevor with his mother. 

At the age of 18, Trevor’s career quickly blossomed, first starring in the South African Soap Opera Isidingo (while we couldn't find a clip of Noah in it, here is a taste of the show to get an idea), then going on to host radio shows, reality competitions, and various South African Award Shows. All the while, he practiced and developed his comedy routine, performing with many famous South African comedians and opening for Gabriel Iglesias, who has also performed at The Palace. 

He then brought his comedy act to the United States, being the first South African to perform on The Tonight Show and on The David Letterman Show, where he showed off his comedy and language skills (he is fluent in six languages, and is developing his German and Xhosa). This landed him the starring role in the documentary You Laugh But It’s True, which focused on the struggles of being a rising comedian. After this and being the Roastmaster of Comedy central’s Roast of Steve Hofmeyr, Trevor sealed his destiny and clinched a job as a correspondent on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show.

As a correspondent, Trevor has appeared three times. In his debut, in a section titled “Spot the Africa,” where he asked Jon Stewart to compare photos, asking him which one was taken in African versus taken in the United States. Jon lost every round, showing that Africa is just as diverse in socioeconomic status, racial issues, and technological savvy as the US. His then came back, in a segment called “Boko Haram in Nigeria.” Noah then pointed out the countless tragedies that happen in Africa every day, and how they often go unrecognized. Finally, via a game of Chess, Noah and Stewart talk about how America often uses its monetary to buy their way to success in the segment "Chess News Roundup." Each appearance more exciting than the other, Noah’s unique point of view caught the attention of Jon Stewart and the rest of the country.

Trevor, during his first appearance on the Daily Show. 

Trevor’s life, already so riveting, is about to reach its most exciting chapter to date. Come see him as he does his last stand up work before his Daily Show tenure begins.

(Note: Daily Show tickets may be free, but are almost impossible to get. Just saying, it’s much easier to come to this show at The Palace, and it will be just as funny.)

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Welcoming the 88th Year of Celebrating Art!

On June 2, 1927, The Palace Theater was erected in the heart of downtown Stamford For the next 88 years, it has continued to be the regional arts center for exciting entertainment that enhances and enriches the cultural, educational, economic, and social life of the community.

Check out this video made in honor of The Palace's birthday. Thank you to all of our patrons for your continued support in making The Palace a Stamford institution!

Summer Fun at The Palace!

We’re almost there, everyone;
Summer at The Palace is just around the corner!

Arts Ed Program UPDATE LandingPage 755x248 6

There are so many things that The Palace has to offer for all ages this summer, from the stage to the streets! 

For the very first time, The Palace offers a circus summer camp, “Clowning Around.” From July 13-17, kids ages 7-12 will learn coordination, improved motor skills and teamwork! Students will take away real performing arts skills, including-- juggling, tightrope walking, acrobatics, and the basics of slapstick comedy.

 The camp will be led by Liz Bolick and Therese Schorn, both of whom have extensive experience with the circus. Bolick was a performer and coordinator for the BigApple Circus and Schorn designed and maintained props for the Big Apple as well. They have been teaching this camp across the country for years with much success, and are so excited to bring their week of fun to Stamford. This action-packed week will be one your children will never forget!  

The other camp is a Palace Theater signature; Triple Threat Intensive is back and better than ever! From July 20-24, performers from Broadway's biggest hits will be sharing their secrets to success. This intensive and highly revered session work with kids ages 10-16 to develop the three most important skills in the musical theatre world: singing, acting, and dancing.  

On July 28th, we finish the kids’ activities with the Science of Magic with Mr. Fish, an incredibly fun and interactive show that uses magic to show kids how cool science really is. 

If you’re looking for even more, don’t worry, there’s more! The Palace is showing our support for local artists by being a location for the 2015 Art Walk. We have partnered with local favorite Loft Artists Association,  and we are excited to serve as their space for the amazing works they are soon to display!

And on top of all of that, keep an eye out for us at all your favorite Stamford summer events. We will be at the Farmer’s Market, Alive@5, and Jazz Up July meeting new friends and supporting our local talent!

 We can’t wait for the summer to start, and we hope you can join us!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Harry Connick, Jr. to perform at the Palace Theater, June 12 and June 13!

Stamford, CT-Dave Brubeck famously said, “Jazz stands for freedom. It's supposed to be the voice of freedom: Get out there and improvise, and take chances, and don't be a perfectionist - leave that to the classical musicians.” There is no one who embodies this more than the legendary Harry Connick, Jr. The Palace Theater is incredibly excited to have this three-time Grammy-award winner in concert on Friday, June 12, and Saturday, June 13 at 8pm.

His musical talent is multi-faceted; not only can he bring grade-A jazz vocals, but he is a gifted composer and lyricist. He initially rose to fame for performing the soundtrack to the hit movie When Harry Met Sally, bringing a fresh flair to classics like “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” and “It had to be You.” This soundtrack won him his first Grammy. Soon after, he released his most popular song to date, “I Could Only Whisper Your Name,” for the classic Jim Carrey movie, The Mask, officially launching him to the acclaim we all know of him today.

Connick is also a talented actor; he was first featured in Independence Day, and most notably starred in Hope Floats with Sandra Bullock. He played Dr. Leo Markus on the hit TV series Will and Grace for four years. Beyond that, he has excelled on Broadway. He was nominated for Best Soundtrack for the musical Thou Shalt not, starred the 2008 revival of The Pajama Game and in the 2011 revival of On a Clear Day You Can See Forever. Most recently, Connick stepped into the critic’s circle, replacing Randy Jackson as a judge for the final few seasons of American Idol with Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban. Critics often remarked how much Connick improved Idol by doing away with confusing criticisms and implementing technical musical terms to mentor the contestants.  

He is even a generous philanthropist. Immediately after Hurricane Katrina, Connick went to New Orleans to begin relief efforts. He organized and performed in the NBC special A Concert for Hurricane Relief. He highlighted struggling shelters and worked to restore a line of homes for musicians. 

Throughout his prolific career, Connick managed to keep with his music. He has released twenty-six studio albums, winning two more Grammys for the Albums “We are in Love” and “Songs I’ve Heard.” His music ranges from the jazz of his New Orleans background to pop-funk, to taking a classic twist on modern hits. The concert will feature original songs from his entire career, as well as classic jazz standards.  Connick often describes how he changes up the arrangements of his music before a concert, so that he can keep what he’s singing fresh and interesting. No two Connick performances are the same; every one is different and special.

He is so revered by all in Fairfield County, and the Palace is truly honored to host him. Please come see one of the most talented musicians in decades, you won’t want to miss it! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dr. Ruth Discussion to be Streamed Live at the Palace!

Stamford, CT- America’s most hilarious and beloved therapist, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, will be leading a discussion at the prestigious 92nd St Y Talks, to be streamed live at The Palace Theatre, Monday, June 8th, at 8:15pm.

In this discussion, titled “The Doctor Is In,” Dr. Ruth will be discussing what she’s discovered while in pursuit of living a full life, as shown in her new book, The Doctor Is In: Dr. Ruth on Love,Life, and Joie de Vivre.  After facing tragedy, fear, and ultimately triumph, Dr. Ruth will discuss how she faced it all, and how she has kept her iconic spark for eighty-seven years.

Born in Frankfurt, Germany, Ruth Westheimer was put on the kindertransport, a train for young Jewish children destined for Switzerland to escape the Holocaust. After spending her childhood in a Swiss orphanage, she moved to Palestine at age 17, eventually joining the Haganah, the Israel Defense Force, where she trained to be a sniper. Injured by a bomb blast on her twentieth birthday, she then moved to Paris, studying and teaching psychology at the University of Paris. She then moved to the United States, where she received her Masters in Sociology from Columbia University, Teachers College.

She rose to fame with the publications of her now-famous Sex for Dummies and Encyclopedia of Sex. She then was picked up by WYNC, NBC Radio, in 1980. Her show, “Sexually Speaking” sought to answer people’s questions about sex and sexuality. Her show became immensely popular, and she made several appearances on Late Night with David Letterman, among other talk shows. Sexually Speaking then added a 15-minute segment on Lifetime Cable, where Dr. Ruth continued to answer the public’s questions about sex and sexuality. Her segments are now on her highly-viewed YouTube Channel. She also appeared on the children’s series Between  the Lions, in which she played a therapist to helped characters overcome their fear of long words.

In 2009, after appearing as #13 on Playboy Magazine’s "55 Most important people in Sex for the Past 55 Years", Dr. Ruth’s life story was picked up by playwright Mark St. Germain, where it became the hit off-Broadway production Becoming Dr. Ruth, starring That 70’s Show actress Debra Jo Rupp.  

The Doctor Is In will be moderated by ProfessorAnnette Insdorf, a revered film professor at Columbia University. She has spent many years researching Dr. Ruth, and demonstrating how Ruth’s approaches to talking about psychology and sex have had an immense impact on film. She is also the author of numerous books, including Indelible Shadows: Film and the Holocaust.

For over 140 years, 92nd St Y Talks have striven to promote conversations “…where tomorrow’s most important issues are revealed, and today’s most intriguing conversations begin” for the Jewish community and beyond. The talks have welcome esteemed guests such as Robert Gates and Neil Patrick Harris. The Palace is honored to be able to live-stream their lectures, and we so look forward to hearing the inspirational words of Dr. Ruth! 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Classic Cars on Display at The Palace Theatre's 2015 Spotlight Soirée!

Jay Leno's name has become synonymous with two things: comedy and cars.  After the massive success of The Tonight Show, Jay Leno followed his passion to the garage and has created one of the best collection of cars ever seen.  He started a popular YouTube show celebrating classic cars, Jay Leno's Garage, and has test driven some of the greatest cars ever crafted.

To celebrate Jay Leno's visit to Stamford, The Palace Theatre will display five classic cars and two vintage motorcycles.  Here's a sneak peek at the beauties that will be featured on what is sure to be an unforgettable night! 

The Cars

1935 Rolls Royce 2025 Sports Saloon MSTK

1936 Senior Packard Sedan JR

1939 Hotchkiss 686 Cabourg CR
1962 Aston Martin DB-4 AW

1983 Ferrari 308 GTS QV AS

The Motorcycles

1948 Indian Chief

1963 Triumph T120C
Proceeds benefit upcoming Palace arts education programs!

Buy your tickets to the Spotlight Soirée HERE!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Visit With The Hit Men Live in NYC!

A Visit with The Hit Men!   

The 60’s, 70’s and 80’s were a golden era for songwriting and during that period acts like Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, Tommy James and The Shondells, and other big name chart-busting groups created beloved hits that have been heard for generations and are woven into America’s consciousness. 

The Palace Theatre had the pleasure of visiting with THE HIT MEN at the Metropolitan Room in New York City.  Seeing these titans of early pop music perform firsthand, we are thrilled to host them in Stamford’s premiere theatre May 15, 2015!

With natural chemistry, tight harmonies, and a rich falsetto that could only come from the 60s, you’ll find something new in every song you’ve heard before.  We think THE HIT MEN themselves said it best during the event, “We sell time travel and youth.”

Please check out this exclusive preview of THE HIT MEN!


Click here to buy your tickets!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How Your Contribution Will Help The Palace Theatre on Fairfield County Giving Day

How Your Contribution Will Help The Palace Theatre on Fairfield County Giving Day

Thursday, March 5 at 12 AM will begin the annual Fairfield County Giving Day, a 24 hour event in which our community comes together to donate as much as they can to Fairfield County Non-Profit Organizations in order to create new opportunities for all citizens of Fairfield County throughout the year. 

The Palace is participating and hopes to raise $10,000!

Here’s a few ways in which just $10 can go a long way at The Palace.

Students participating in The Palace Theatre's various educational programs

You will bring education to the next generation of great performance artists

The Palace offers children from low-income and disadvantaged families the chance to attend world-class entertainment on our stage through organized trips. For five years, The Palace has awarded an Emerging Young Artist Scholarship in a specific field of study, to ensure ALL children have chances to succeed.

Participants of the Triple Threat Program at The Palace Theatre

The Palace has already served thousands of disadvantaged youth in Fairfield County this year; from providing educational show tickets to low-income schools to providing full scholarships for deserving students to our transformative performing and education programs.

The Palace believes that every child deserves the opportunity to experience the performance arts.
STOMP visits Cloonan Middle School with an inspirational performance
The Palace also partners with local schools to offer exclusive performances and motivational talks. The experience of an up-close presentation and meaningful question and answer session provides children the opportunity to receive career advice from arts professionals and the encouragement to stay motivated

Thank you letters from students of Cloonan Middle School

Education = scholarships for greater success in higher learning

Noelia, student who participated in the Triple Threat Program

Daniel, student who participated in the Triple Threat Program

Your money helps all of Fairfield County

The Palace is a large, multi-faceted theatre, but did you know we are also a 50c3 not-for-profit organization? Box office receipts only cover a fraction of what it costs to keep our doors open. The Palace has been a beacon for the best live performance – music, comedy, dance and theatre – since its curtain first rose in 1927, and where world-class artists continue to reach the minds and hearts of every patron who enters its doors.

Our mission is to be the premier regional arts destination for exciting entertainment that also enhances and enriches the cultural, educational, economic, and social life of our community. At this time of year, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help us reach this goal.

Thank you for your support! DONATE HERE